In undoubtedly the most trying year I’ve ever been through, Jesus has performed miraculous healing and change…in ways I have never experienced before. I’ve learned that we beg for the miraculous, but we don’t expect it to be wrapped in a terrifying, long road that is called a faith-walk. We don’t expect that we may have to stand and declare the exact opposite that is seen in the physical. We don’t expect to look like lunatics to those operating without the Holy Spirit. But that is all possible as I have learned. Obedience to God and the walk He gives you is so important to building faith and relationship. My walk will not look like yours, and that is okay. God calls us uniquely and beautifully. He desires us all to learn and grow in his “curious paths.”

Faith is obedience in the midst of fear,
One step, not knowing where the next will be
But trusting God will hold me upright
Commanded forward on curious paths
Only a word to start
Not knowing the end
But moving forward with eyes focused on that word of life
Crying, screaming, curled on the floor in desperation
Facing death and declaring life
Hanging by a thread and the only thing that is certain
Is that Jesus has spoken and I need to trust
Flesh and the world scream failure
Heart flutters, strength wanes
Until only God holds me up
His comfort and mercy speak throughout the trial
Trust Him.
When everything seen with the eye doesn’t align with the Spirit
Trust Him.
When the path is longer than I could ever imagine
Trust Him.
Faith is built from hope and trust in an invisible reality
Purifying the spirit to commune with His Spirit
Relenting will and desires, laying down it all down
To simply make another step
I trust you, Lord, and even though I don’t trust me
I will step as commanded
I don’t trust I’m hearing right, but I trust you will intervene if I’m wrong
I have nothing left
But I trust you are good
Faith is the hardest road ever walked
For it is not the end that is seen, only darkness
One’s path is not another’s
What God has commanded, I must follow
Without judging others who would never have to walk it
Accepting they have their own road
And that obedience to God
When the world screams
And the eyes cannot see
And fear wraps tightly
And death looms like a like a mocking jeer
My spirit must faithfully rest in His Spirit
He declares the impossible and speaks life
One step on the turbulent waters
He will raise me up
Faith is relationship with Jesus
Faith is freedom
Oh, how I long for the end of days
To see that tapestry of my life
And weep over the mercy and grace
Jesus poured over a body deserving death
Faith is found in the dark valley
In the depths of the sea and turbulent waters
Yet leads to mountains and strength
Refining, building, and peace
Jesus hold my hand
One more step
I trust you
One more step
Until it is done
And the time of rest comes
I will hold onto your word and continue forward in faith