It had been a rough day for everyone in the family. My daughter, Bella, was praying out sudden sickness in her throat. My husband, Aaron, was crippled with a headache, fatigue, and soreness. He had just gotten news that his uncle was being rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery. Not long after, he got worse news: his uncle was septic with a twisted bowel. There was nothing that could be done.

That uncle has been on my salvation prayer list for years. He was rough and put on quite the front. He was the brawling, loud-mouthed, bar type of man who smoked like a chimney and cussed non stop. He was in every way one that the world says is untouchable. He’d laugh in Jesus’ face and be happy to party in hell. But hell isn’t a party and my family has prayed diligently for him to see the light. When the news of impending death came, we all prayed hard and asked those around us to pray. We didn’t know if there were minutes or hours, but there certainly wasn’t going to be days. Death was already taking over his body.

Aaron’s headache got worse. His vision got blurry at one point and his appetite failed him. He still prayed alone and with others. I prayed off and on for hours, and then went outside and really sought God. My stomach soon clenched with the real feeling of faith…a brick-like substance that grew in weight in my belly and came with interceding. I stood on God’s word and promises.

“He’s been on my prayer list for years, Lord, and I know you answer family prayers. Many people speak of testimonies of being saved by a mother’s or grandmother’s prayers. You say the prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

“Lord, you say you do not wish anyone to perish, but to have eternal life. You paid for his sins and life. Bind the demons obstructing his vision and ears and spirit. Make them deaf, dumb, and blind, render them powerless so he has a moment to know you.”

“In Psalm 2:8, you say even the heathen shall be mine as an inheritance if asked for. God I ask for him! Your word says you seek a person to stand in the gap and here I am, Lord, right now…interceding for him. You said your word does not go out void, but accomplishes that which you sent it to do, so I know you will do as your word says. I KNOW he will be saved because you are in me and I am in you and you heed the prayers of your people.”

It was a throne room moment. I could feel my prophetic mantle trailing behind me; God’s robe wrapping around me and into my mantle. And I was light-headed. I pressed on, almost wondering if I was going to faint. I laughed inside and thought, well, I guess I might finally find out what is like to fall out in the Lord. I knew He would catch me if I did, but I wasn’t sure this feeling was from Him. It came with weakness too. Like hell was screaming and clawing to take me down.

I returned inside when I was done praying to cook supper. As we all ate, Aaron got the news that his uncle passed. He had hardly wept his first tears when Bella spoke.

“God says, ‘I got him.'”

We looked at her in surprise and she repeated it as we all got misty eyed. “I heard God just now. He said, ‘I got him.’ I also saw a vision.”

“There was a golden hand on my shoulder to get my attention right before God spoke the words. I then saw a black thing of goo that was the uncle. Little by little, I saw black demons fall off of him that weren’t allowed in the throne room. Then two choices were presented. One that seemed right to our uncle and seemed like life to God’s left hand. To his right was dark smokey blackness. As the demons continued to fall off and clear from his eyes and ears, our uncle fell down before God with his face down. With his repentance, everything fell off and he was golden.

“At that moment, the two paths switched. What seemed right for our uncle before was not correct now. Heaven was on God’s right and hell was on God’s left. Our uncle was now drawn to the true pathway of life and he walked in.

“I also heard that the only reason he was saved was by our prayers and God’s salvation.”

We all cried in joy. God got him in the last moment of time before Aaron’s uncle entered hell. Whether it was in the last moments of breathing or after death was declared, we don’t 100% for sure know. What we do know is that there is hope for anyone. Pray until death. I will boldly proclaim to pray after death because we are certain this is where his uncle was saved. There is a point where we accept death has occurred in the human body, but we do not know if that is the same moment they are in heaven or hell. This uncle was saved at the very last second possible by the prayers of his family and our exceedingly merciful God.

Almost immediately, the headache and fatigue left my husband. Later that night, my ears opened to a beautiful chorus of heavenly angels singing about his salvation. I was in awe. He has his own song in heaven now.

In the morning I woke with Proverbs 14:12 – “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” I realized that when confronted with the perfect holiness of God at judgement, the way of life would seem to be hell to those not covered by the blood of the lamb. Being in the presence of God would burn at them, bring death to them if they come any nearer. Heaven would look like a death sentence and they would chose to escape to hell. We see over and over again in the Bible that even righteous people fall before God and angels, declaring their sinful nature and that they are doomed to die. Sin cannot exist with God. When redemption and repentance come through Jesus, the true paths are revealed. His children may enter into glory.

Pray hard, warriors of God, pray hard.