God was placing this painting in my heart for weeks. The baptism of Jesus. I saw a white fiery dove, living and moving, threaded with a rainbow of colors descending on Jesus. Water still cascading off him. The crown of thorns implied but there. The sacrifice He knew he was going to make, yet He accepted it from the beginning.

I thought for sure it had already been done. I searched for images on the baptism of Jesus and was surprised to find most were very realistic or from the dainty renaissance period. Only one or two tried to capture the spiritual element of color, movement, and redeeming fire that I saw.

The 30 min time frame of worship was just not enough for the size of the painting. I had to bring it home and finish the final details. But what struck me was the pastor went off on an entire tangent about Jesus. About the redeeming blood. About glimpsing the cross. About his wife seeing waters of life washing her hands. God was pulling together art and visions among the church in a powerful way.

Jesus was the first baptism by Holy Spirit fire. He lives in us and we have access to that Holy baptism as well.