I was listening to Omegaman Radio’s latest broadcast today and was hit with the Red Sea moment while faith was discussed. I was vividly aware of the darkness moving between the Israelites and Pharaoh. Then the words started coming, like ripples out from that center stanza. I had to record it immediately, before I even left the room and before the podcast was finished!

Shore up your faith, my brethren. Turn your eyes to the Lord!

A Psalm of Faith in the Darkness

Oh fickle nation
    Do you not see the bud and know the flower cometh?
Does spring not follow behind winter?
    Is the word of the Lord not eternal?

The heathen have more faith!
    They bend their knee at statues of stone
Hour after hour, day by day
    Yet the Lord’s people won’t even enter His house

The enemy plots for centuries
    Slowly moving all his pieces into place
The people’s eyes are shut!
    They cry, “Lord, checkmate! Save us!”

Shall we not have faith that surpasses the heathen?
    Can we not see the steps of our Lord?
He lights our path
    If we would but look

You raise your hands Me
    The one who split the Red Sea
But you forget that I sent the darkness
    Between My people and pharaoh.

Yes, I the Lord sent the darkness
    And led by fire!
My people could not touch the enemy
    And the enemy could not touch Mine anointed

Though they feared
    I answered
I saved them for My sake
    And I was glorified

Do not fear the darkness from My hand
    For it blinds the enemy
And do not fear the enemy’s darkness
    For I have already CONQUERED IT

Return your eyes and ears to Me, My people
    Cut off the words of Baal
And fill with the perfect Word
    Only then will you find peace