Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed Notes:

We need to be in the secret place of the Lord, sheltered in the rock like Moses when he saw the glory of God.

All the resources of God are available to us. Do we claim it! Do we ask for it? Do we go boldly to the throne?

Our birthright is a command to be filled wit the Spirit. We need it to overcome this wicked world.

To be filled with Christ is to be controlled by Christ. Not as a robot, but led in perfect unison. We are set free by this. We need the Holy Spirit for the power, connection with God, reproof, and encouragement.

Jesus brings life and it more abundantly. You cannot get that filling without the Holy Spirit. Do you fear what the father will command of you? What kind of heavenly Father is that? Trust the word, that He will not give you stones when you ask for bread.

Spiritual gifts are not just for us, but they lead others to Christ. A word of knowledge can break barriers and bring strangers into the brethren. Some will be won over by service, some by mercy, some by teaching, some by exhortation, some by giving.

The more God blesses you, the more you give.

We should show mercy with cheerfulness, not with pride or haughtiness. Mercy lifts others up, and does not bring guilt or condemnation.