Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. The Spirit was moving today! Incredible testimonies of instant and unexplained healing from two different people. Powerful sermon on the Passover and the ties between it and Jesus.

Typed notes:

He was wounded for our transgressions, chastised for our iniquities, and by His stripes, we were healed! It is already done!

If it wasn’t for Jesus, where would we be? The blood saved the Israelites in Exodus, so the new covenant blood saves us today. Every household was covered in the blood.

When we praise and shout the name of Jesus, we kick the devil. We subdue him. No weapon formed against us or the church shall proper.

We are to have our loins girded, our shoes on our feet, and our staff in our hand. We are covered in the blood and we must be ready to move as God directs. We are to stand firm in Jesus.

Jesus’ sacrifice fulfilled ALL the requirements of the Passover. As God plagued man and beast in Egypt, smiting all the animals they worshiped, so Jesus knocked down all worldly idols and conquered them!

Prayer changes things! We need to pray without ceasing.

The Lord’s promise is that the plagues will not fall upon those under the blood. He distinguishes between His people and others.

Jesus acknowledged and kept the Old Testament law perfectly so He could place us under a new law, governed by His blood. The Passover was for Jew and Gentile and so is Jesus!