My family has decided to incorporate elements of God’s holy Passover into our Resurrection celebrations. We thought Holy Communion would be good to do over this time. Dr. Dale Sides is currently offering his 40 Days of Communion book for free until the end of Passover. I highly recommend it. He sets up daily readings and had made it for 40 days because that is the length of Jesus’ testing period where He committed to God.

Get the book by contacting and asking for a free copy. If it is past the Passover, you can get a downloadable PDF for very cheap.

Day 8 for our family was today.  We thought that the timing of Passover, Resurrection Day, and this virus are a perfect time to be in daily communion with Jesus.   Last night my 10 year old daughter had a very specific dream. This is the first flowering of something that we have noticed from partaking in this daily and I believe it is worth a share:  

She woke in her dream and went out to the kitchen for some breakfast, but it was all gone.  She thought she woke too late and everyone had already eaten. 

I asked her “How’s communion going for you?”  

“Well, um, not really anything,” Bella responded in her dream.  

“Maybe we shouldn’t do it after all,” was my reply.  

Then everything got blurry and she saw rainbows swirling in the blackness.  She saw a figure emerge and she knew He was Jesus.  So she asked if Jesus would fly with her.  She felt his hand gently grab hers and then they flew in the air over all types of land.  He brought her to a room and said he wanted to teach her about communion.  The room was dark and she saw dinosaurs in it.  Large armored ones and horned ones like Triceratops.  She could still see well though and she saw writing all over the floor about Jesus’ power.  Joy, love, peace, and other good things.  

Jesus showed her that he destroyed each dinosaur in one hit of light.  He said Passover is supposed to clear your mind from evil. 

Then there was a big bowl of noodles made of light and she ate some.  It made her even more joyful.  She felt as though it showed the overflowing cup and that the food didn’t matter.  It’s what Jesus did that matters.  The cup is joy, peace, love and other things.   Then she saw Jesus absolutely huge with a sword.  Then she saw through His eyes as He struck a dinosaur that was huge to her, but small to Jesus. 

He said, “remember, no matter how big the problems are, they are small to me.”  

He clears our minds from evil and fills them with good during communion.  

In reflecting on the dream, it did answer a question I wondered this week: what if we had access to nothing but water?  Do the elements of communion have to be bread and a drink from the vine?  I don’t think they do.  I think God can use whatever we have access to because it is the intentions of our heart that matter. 

My daughter also informed me that the cup of noodles looked exactly like our forsythia bush. It is in full bloom at the moment and towers above her. About 10 feet tall and about 15 feet wide. There’s more than enough “light noodles” for all of us.

May God bless you and yours this wonderful season of new life!