The Lord has been speaking to me a lot in Psalm form the past several months. I hear snippets and parts pertaining to things I’m reading or current events. I should have begun to record them much earlier. God is speaking love and warning in these hours. He hears His people. Yet our sins and blood shed are innumerable. Who can be saved in the days of His wrath?

Last evening, December 15th, 2020, I felt the urge to finally sit down and record what I had. This psalm poured out.

A Psalm of America: blood in the Blood

How zealous my love is for you, America
    I led you by the hand
Oh nation of many births
    I carried you in my arms as an infant

I planted the seeds of all nations so that they would come together
    Like the body of my new church
You accepted my Son as your head.
    Born in blood and covered by the Blood

You made many mistakes
    I watched you stumble
Even the best men disobeyed my decrees
    But I spoke life into you

Life overpowered the deceptions of slavery
    Though the blood of the innocent reached to the heavens
You are a wild people
    Yet I led you back onto my path

Satan has tried many times to undo your works
    To uproot that which I planted in tender care
He has brought wars and racism and hardened hearts
    And the most powerful of all, spiritual famine.

You forget my works, my wild people
    You live as fatten calves with no desire to leave the pen
You complain that I am not to be found and my miracles are dead
    Yet you do not diligently seek.

The fattened calf has stopped its ears
    And turned its tail to the one who feeds it
It heeds the lullabies of the evil one
    And forsakes any relationship.

“Oh God, our blood reaches to Your footstool!
    Our sins have polluted the land
Can we be forgiven?  Shall the nation be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah?
    Or hit her knees like Nineveh?

Restore us, I pray, have mercy, Father! Remember not our iniquities
    Turn Your eye to the remnant that seeks you diligently
Attend Your ear to them and save the righteous for Your name’s sake
    Wake those who slumber and reignite the fire in their hearts!”

Never before has a nation been covered in the Blood
    As it was growing and spilling blood
I groan at your sins.  I weep for your little ones.
    Even the most barbaric societies did not consume their babies like you

You have invited Molech into your nation
    You lay the foundation of your cities with the corpses of your little ones
Even your food has become detestable
    For it grows from the ashes of horrific death

But because of the covering of righteousness
    Because you are a nation that turns to my Son
I see the good works.  You have sent your sons and daughters to other nations
    You have spread the word of life

Many have been martyred for My name’s sake
    On soil they were not born on.  In towns unfamiliar to them.
All for my Son, My Beloved.
    You have not received your harvest for the seed you have planted.

I watch you now, nation of blood covered in the Blood.
    Return to your zealous, wild roots
Return to me and respond to the fires I have started in times of darkness
    Remember Azuza Street and heed my prophets

Remember my miracles.  I am the God that led my people out of Egypt
    I split the Red Sea when there was no way
I led Joshua, a man you would consider old, into glorious victory
    He trusted in me and I made him strong

I will take the weak and use them for my great victory.
    I will use the humble.
Your great sin is pride, land of blood in the Blood!
    You boast you have built it all yourselves!

Yet you have not seen the outpouring of my mercies
    And blessings upon you
You cannot because your spiritual eyes
    Have lost all their strength!

“Oh my God, how can we rightly follow You if we cannot see?
    Heal us, I pray.  Restore our spiritual senses
Cause us to know your voice and block the words of the enemy
    Your remnant rises!

For the sake of ten men You would have saved a city
    How many more earnestly seek Your face in this hour?
Should a nation that You spoke life into be destroyed?
    Should Your spoken word become void?

Place your justice in our judicial courts
    Circumcise the pride of our hearts
Your correction, we can stand Father, for You are loving
    Only don’t hand us over to the enemy.”

I am calling you out, nation of blood in the Blood
    Do not let your works be rent from your hands
The world seeks to devour my holy ones
    You stand as the last great beacon of light

Rebuild your walls, my people!
    You have left the spiritual walls in complete disarray
The enemy has stormed your gates and you don’t even know it
    You focus on the physical when you should battle in the spiritual

Put on your armor, nation of blood in the Blood
    Hold the line and raise your watchmen
The weapons of my armories stand right beside you
    You only need to lift your heads and ask

I have called the remnant.  I have blessed the seed.
    Come forth my people.  Sing a new song.
Let revival fire fill your hearts.  Put aside your pride.
    For the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is with you.