The Bible is a tree of life. I just saw it flash before me while listening to Micheal Heiser and Chad Bird on the Naked Bible #408 podcast.

Chad was describing how the Bible is built in layers, with the Torah being the base, and each subsequent layer and prophet drawing not only to the layers below, but speaking of the layers to come. I’m imagining them semi translucent as he’s speaking, so the finished Bible would reveal Old Testament truth through some areas. It’s beautiful in my mind: a pearly landscape that is much deeper than we often give credit.

Then the whole vision shifted. While I was looking down at it, it turned and lifted. I saw it from the side like geological layers. That’s when I realized the connecting webs of threads from the base to top were not random. They were fractal in nature, branching like three dimensional trees! It was incredible to see the tree of life contained within the connected words and prophecies of the Bible!

Once again I am in awe and wonder at yet another layer of revelation about the living Word. We are so blessed to have God’s Word available to us!

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