I have been introduced to Dan Duval and his advanced warfare prayers, and let me say, they work. I witnessed this first hand working with Anaiah and Miriam of Black Wolf Broadcasting in prayer over my church. There was so much revealed that I wanted to type up an addendum to Duval’s Territorial Warfare prayer with specific focus on a person’s church. This entire prayer is based off the incredible events Miriam saw happening in the spirit that led to very focused and intense warfare. We also heard and felt nudges in other particular directions and everyone kept praying until the God confirmed that we had covered everything needed for that session.

This prayer touched us all so much that Anaiah mentioned they may be coming back out of their period of rest from podcasting and beginning season two. I will add a link to the episode when they do.

While this prayer can be used in itself, many of the events that occurred were in response to specific readings from Dan Duval’s Territorial Warfare prayer that can be found in his book, Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth. You can find the book by clicking HERE. I believe these to prayers working together are highly effective and you may not encounter the results I did without combining them. Please note that I am not in any way affiliated with Dan Duval or Bride Ministries and this recommendation is purely because of the difference I see using these prayers in my life and the difference they are making for my family and friends.

**I highly recommend doing Duval’s Territorial Warfare prayer to begin with and then continue with the Church Dominion prayer.**

***Do NOT engage in territorial warfare outside of your home and property unless called by the Lord to do so. Acting outside His protection can lead to disastrous backlash. Operating in His blessing SMASHES the enemy.***

Church Dominion Prayer

We take dominion over all of this land and the church. We sever all dominion claimed by forces of darkness who are illegally possessing it. Dominions were never given to Satan except by man. We cancel any agreements made by man, wash them in the blood, bring them to the courts of heaven to be reviewed and nullified, and we claim our rightful dominion and inheritance over the land in Jesus as co-heirs with Jesus. We invite Jesus to rule over this area with His rod of iron.

Father God, as the ark put the fear of God into the Philistines when it was captured, may this church and property be charged in holiness and fear of the Lord. May it put the fear of God into anyone who uses it for unholy purposes, cursing, or any other works of darkness.

Lord, we ask that you shine your holy light on any cursed objects that need removed in the physical and spiritual. Cover these objects in the blood of Jesus and seal all curses and charged power associated with them to them. We forbid the transfer of evil, cursing, or any other element from the kingdom of darkness as these objects are found and removed. Any objects that are missed, we now render powerless in Jesus’ name.

Jesus, shine your light on all the spiritual blessings, mandates, callings, futures, mantles, gifts of the Spirit, and anything else you wished to give to your people that the enemy stole or hid. Send your warring angels to recover them all, throughout all time, for every person connected to this church or property that has had them stolen. Return them all to who they belong, and if the people have passed, distribute the blessings among the current congregation and those will be called into the congregation.

We declare any angels connected to this church, property, congregation, or residences of the congregation that have been bound, caged, or otherwise imprisoned by the enemy at any point in time are illuminated in your holy light, their locations found, and they are set free. Send the host of heaven to free them, refresh them, and return them to the ranks of your heavenly armies. Destroy the prisons used to hold them. Beat them into a fine power and utterly defile the locations so they may never be used against the kingdom of light again.

We lay Gideon’s fleece in the church so that not only is the will of God and His direction is always made clear to the congregation, but that the Living Water is also caught, preserved, and held around the saints and every person who enters. Let not one drop of your blessing, anointing, and miraculous power be found wasted.

Right now we ask the Lord to reveal what needs addressed on the property within the kingdom of light. Angels, reveal your needs so we may strengthen the kingdom of Jesus here. (This part is highly effective with a seer, or at least someone who can hear in the spirit. Based on our encounter, I have added specific prayer in the following paragraphs that addressed what Miriam saw for us).

I ask that you, the Lord of Heaven’s armies, open up your armories and replace, restore, or upgrade the weapons, armor, and shields of all angels connected to this property and church. Give them the best of what you have to offer and uniquely outfit each one for the service they are called to.

Surround this church and property with fortified walls: each brick charged with the names of God and mortared in the blood of Jesus Christ. Make the ground like concrete fused with the blood of Jesus below our feet and fill the sky with Holy Spirit fire to burn and destroy every enemy, so that we are surrounded and protected by the Trinity.

Any bowls of wrath reserved, pour them on the enemy. And pour the reserved bowls of blessing on your people.

Any angels holding maps, we ask that the Lord shine His light on the maps and reveal what needs to be revealed, so the work can be done according to His will.

(The following was added specifically for a graveyard, but considering no one knows the entire history of their property, I believe it would be beneficial to speak regardless).

We bless the ground and wash it in the blood of Jesus, declaring it may not be used for any works of darkness, for it is holy ground under the dominion of Jesus Christ. We bind any spirits that are tied here by the death or burial of a person to that person’s bones for all of time until the judgement. Make them deaf, dumb, and blind, unable to contact others or have others contact them. Cage them from being able to leave and continue in any family line.

We forgive all the sins these people may have taken to the grave and remove any related curses that have taken root because of them. We declare this forgiving, washing, and binding for all bodies laid to rest, murdered, or otherwise killed on this holy ground for all of time, forward and backward.

Finally, we bind any evil spiritual object that remains and declare it must be destroyed or sent to the feet of Jesus. If any agent of darkness surrounding the property tries to lay hands on, protect, hide, or otherwise touch a piece that came from our church or property, we send sentinel angels after it and declare the full judgement of all these prayers to fall upon that spirit. Whatever evil it planned and was planned by the object it stole, we declare that evil to fall back on its own head with a 7-fold increase. We invite you, the Lord of Heaven’s armies, to deal with these perpetrators of evil as you see fit.

We thank you God for your revealing and protection. We thank you that you war for the saints and stand between us and the kingdom of darkness. We thank you that our sins are forgiven and we are covered in the righteousness of Jesus, with the Holy Spirit dwelling within, revealing your secrets and your will. Seal these prayers and declarations across every timeline, age, and dimension, and continue warring in strength in any areas we have overlooked or we are weak in. Bless your holy name, Jesus, and we love and praise you continually.

A final Note

Every line of this prayer was in guidance or response to something that was shown in the spirit. A dragon on a nearby property roared and raged at us after we prayed the sentinel angels in during the Territorial Warfare prayer. As I’m praying and asking God if we can go after it, I get a yes the same moment Miriam turns to me and says it grabbed a portal off the church property. We called God in and He sent the sentinel angels to handle it. They destroyed the portal, making the dragon weep, and then brought 7-fold back on that dragon’s head with ease. Miriam commented that they were the most muscular angels she had ever seen.

Angels brought broken weapons, armor, and shields to us. One had a huge bowl full of what turned out to be wrath. One held a map with a squiggly line, an X, and the word “Chosen” written on the top. One pointed to the sky and rolled around, which led to us pray the Holy Spirit fire to shield from above.

Then God led us to pray for the bound angels. This is a very new request of ours during prayer. If demons can be bound, we started to wonder and discuss if they can they bind angels. We learned they can. Miriam saw one reach down in the ground and pull up another angel, then they hugged and jumped joyfully and wept as they held each other. My heart wrenched and I was fighting back tears myself. How long was that angel bound? Do they get tortured like demons do to people? I don’t believe they can be killed, but how horrible was that angel’s fate, being bound away from everyone else? And why did it take my words to release it? I don’t have the answers, but I know that moment changed me and releasing bound angels is now a part of my prayer life.

There was much much more that happened and the effects of this one prayer could have filled multiple books if we recorded everything. I hope you have a Christian seer you can pair with to guide your advanced warfare prayers too. I pray the Church Dominion prayer aides you in destroying the enemy in your home and church.