Dreams of the children.

My firstborn is close with God. She always has been. Jesus saved her from nightmares and fear of “the bad pig” when she was perhaps three years old. She has visions and sees spirits at times. She saw the good and bad wolves in our home last year.

Only a couple weeks ago, she was prophesied over: that God had her in a tall white tower with gold glitter falling all around. She was laughing and singing and running, and nothing could come against the tower. The faster she ran and the louder she praised, the more the enemy fell. Another spoke merriment over her: that she would be so full of the joy of the Lord that she would be moved to tears at times. And every time the woman said merriment, I heard the word Miriam. I knew she was saying merriment, but still I heard Miriam every time. I think God was showing me not only her abundant joy, but her powerful gift of prophesy and calling is like Aaron’s sister, the prophetess Miriam.

This all coincided with my sister being in a bad accident and sent to the hospital in critical condition. My daughter had a vision as she was reading her Bible. After a flash of golden light, she saw my sister laying the bed and she saw Jesus walking up. He touched her injured shoulder and healed her. My sister hugged Jesus and then my daughter and I hugged Jesus. It was a profound message of healing and hope when things looked bleak. My sister had other incredible healing that week. My testimony on her is highlighted by Pastor Elvis Neuhardt in the video below.

But I started this post to write about dreams. My dear child has so many God experiences that I am going to begin highlighting them on this website. Last night, three dreams came through:

“The black bug which stings me was on me. I cried, ‘Jesus help me! Help me!’ And it flew away. I said, ‘Satan, you are not going to turn my good dream into a nightmare.’ Jesus will swing and bat His rod to the evil to force it away. I felt the bug. Jesus will answer your cry for Him. Satan cannot beat Him.”

“I was following Jesus and His disciples. Then each disciple surrounded Him. And Jesus was in the middle raising His hands and floating. Jesus is the leader of all. Jesus is your shepherd, follow Him. He will lead you to the right path.”

“A big mountain broke, but the Lord protected me. The Lord cares, protects, and is my protective rock of life. The devil is angry, but you are safe in God’s hands. God is your protective rock. Satan cannot destroy God.”

This child is clay in God’s hands. I am excited to witness her growth in Christ and the great heights He will lead her to in her lifetime. God bless you all. And may he grow your faith like the faith of a child.