On 8/22/2021, you lost your battle to Covid and I lost my best friend and mother. The family and I prayed so hard for you. God’s timing is not what I thought it would be to call you home, but I lay down my expectations and trust him.

I trust the battle we prayed through those 10 days of ventilator use decimated the enemy ranks. I told God not to give me false hope. I told Him I could handle it if He told me you weren’t going to make it. But He kept speaking you were going to be ok. And I know that you are. You are more than ok in the arms of Jesus. And I realize the battle wouldn’t have been nearly as intense if He told me you were leaving. I would have accepted and laid down to the Father’s will. But that isn’t what He wanted. Something had to fall, and in those dark hours of prayer, night and day, I know something did. Something huge. Something somewhere broke.

You had the Elijah anointing and the moment you went on that ventilator was the moment the middle east flared. Satan was attacking not only you, but the mantle you carried. So I made sure to pray it back in the family. If Elijah was taken and that mantle fell, then grab it and multiply it, Lord. Raise your Elisha’s and spread that mantle through the bloodline. Let the spiritual ground quake. Let vibrations of your power run through the very air around me and the others you choose.

The mantle is not lost. I take it. As I have declared all through those 10 days and still declare now, “where is the God of Elijah?” And the water WILL break and God WILL be glorified. He always has been and He always will be.

You wrote of this moment without knowing you wrote it. Mom, I am blessed that you shared your Canticle of the Soul with me before you passed. God led me back to it when it was time to write the eulogy. Those words held such comfort and beautiful power. So many were blessed by them.

I miss you mom. I always will. Until we meet again in Jesus’ arms.

Canticle of the Soul